Welcome to SA Chameleons

Welcome to SA Chameleons

For several years this has been the only site to provide information on keeping chameleons in South Africa and other tropical/sub-tropical locations. It still is. But now it’s got a new look.

The SA originally stood for South Africa but after my move to Malaysia, it also stands for Shah Alam, the city nearest to where I now live.

My breeding group of Veiled chameleons is doing well in Malaysia and several batches of eggs have hatched.

There are surprisingly few differences between keeping chameleons in South Africa and doing so in Malaysia. They tend to be minor ones, like the quality of crickets in Malaysia.

New look at baby Carpet chameleons
Newly hatched Carpet chameleon

Neither Malaysia nor South Africa enjoy the same climate or number of hobbyists as the US or Europe. That means that some of the information provided in books aimed at keepers in countries with more support is not relevant. This can be confusing and lead to difficulties for people in the tropics or in Africa, Asia, Australia and elsewhere. Obviously, the basics remain the same but through this site it is hoped that the differences can be identified and resolved.

Your comments are always welcome – enquiries@sa-chameleons.com. Let me know what you think of the ‘new’ SA Chameleons.

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