Gallery pic of panther chameleon
Beautiful Panther chameleon

One of the joys of keeping a chameleon is the beauty of the animal. The photos in this gallery section will show some examples.

Stories about how chameleons explode or go mad when they walk over tartan persists and is obviously rubbish. In fact, most chameleons don’t change much at all in their normal daily life. However, when threatened or advertising their readiness to mate they do change colour. And often in a spectacular fashion.

The pages linked from this page are designed to show the amazing colours displayed by both male and females of different species.

Panther chameleons are the obvious candidates for the first Gallery but I’ve also added a page for the generic chameleon species. It will take time to add new photos and if you have any you would like to share, please let me know.

All photos will be gratefully received

Panther chameleons

Chameleon species