Chameleon Books

Chameleon Books

Chameleon books are common on Amazon and in bigger pet shops. Some are excellent, some are good and some are… limited.

What makes chameleon books relevant depends on where you live, your experience with chameleons and the species you are keeping. From time to time, I’ll be reviewing my favourite books.

In the meantime, you may wish to consider the two books I’ve written on the subject. Both are available on Amazon. The style and content show what I mean about picking a book that is relevant.

Beginner’s Guide to Exotic Chameleon Care

Chameleon books cover
An ideal book for the beginner

The first book is the Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Exotic Chameleons. It is just what it says – a book for beginners. No matter where you live if you are about to buy or are thinking of buying a chameleon, this book is ideal. It covers the basics on housing, lighting, feeding etc. It also has a section on what to look out for when you get to the pet shop. How you can pick a healthy chameleon.

This book is not illustrated as it contains basic information for starting out and I wanted to keep the cost low so as many people as possible could get access to the important information it contained.

For information click here: The Beginner’s Guide to Exotic Chameleon Care

Exotic Chameleons in South Africa – their care and breeding

Chameleon Books for all levels of experience
An in-depth book for all levels of experience, and not just in South Africa

Exotic Chameleons in South Africa – their care and breeding was originally aimed for chameleon keepers in South Africa as there wasn’t (and still isn’t) anything available on keeping these reptiles in an environment outside of Europe or the US. The information it contains is actually useful to all chameleon keepers, regardless of location.

It covers many topics, some in more depth than common books. For example, it has a chart showing the falloff of UV effectiveness related to distance from the bulb to the chameleon. It offers advice on breeding chameleons, incubating the eggs and looking after the hatchlings.

For information click here: Exotic Chameleons in South Africa – their care and breeding

 Choose the right book for your situation

With so many books on the market, you need to be selective. It may be that my books are not ideal for your situation. That’s fine. But check the reviews and consider what you expect from any book you buy.

Breeding Insects as feeder food

Feeder Food book cover
Breeding Insects as Feeder Food book cover

There’s more to keeping chameleons than cages and UV lights. Providing a varied diet is also important but not always easy. Even in countries where pet shops carry a wide range of feeder foods, the right insects may not be available at the right size or at all.

This book provides a simple answer to how to keep a constant supply of varied insects available for your chameleon– breed your own!

For more information click here: Breeding Insects as feeder food