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SA Chameleons aims to provide you with the information you need to care for your chameleon – no matter where you live.

Tamatave Red Panther chameleon
Tamatave Red Panther Chameleon

The details found here are for chameleon keepers around the world. It is not focussed on Europe or the US. It also provides details on keeping chameleons in South Africa and Malaysia, as well as other tropical/sub-tropical countries.

But remember, the basic requirements of chameleons are the same in every country. Where relevant, any quirks are highlighted on these pages.

Amazing creatures

Chameleons are fascinating and amazing creatures.

If you buy a captive-bred animal from a reliable source and give it the right conditions, your chameleon should thrive.

On this website, you’ll find guidance on many different aspects of chameleon care.  Pages cover topics from housing to UV lights, and from water requirements to breeding insects to provide them with a varied diet.

Also look under Chameleon Care for frequently asked questions, information about care in specific countries, incubation and more.

Panther, Carpet and Veiled chameleons each have a charm of their own. Care pages for these species are found under Chameleon Species or you can go directly from these links:

Unfortunately, some species such as the Meller’s Chameleon have gained a bad name.  Probably, this is due to the quality of the animals after they have been smuggled into the country, especially in places like Malaysia and South Africa. Unless you have gained experience with easier species, you should avoid these.

One of my chameleons shooting prey
Chameleon shooting prey

The SA originally stood for South Africa. Since my move to Malaysia, it also stands for Shah Alam. This is the city nearest to where I now live. But don’t let the name worry you. These awesome reptiles have the same basic requirements wherever you live.