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Tamatave Red Panther chameleon
Tamatave Red Panther chameleon

This site has been designed to allow you to give the best possible care for your chameleon – no matter where you live.

That makes it unique. The information shown here is useful for chameleon breeders in Europe and the US but this remains the only site to provide details on keeping chameleons in South Africa and Malaysia, as well as other tropical/sub-tropical locations.

If there’s information missing here that you would like to see, let me know.

Amazing creatures

Jackson's Meru chameleon
Male Jackson’s Meru chameleon

Chameleons are fascinating and amazing creatures, always popular with anyone who sees them. Species such as Panther chameleons, Carpet chameleons and Veiled chameleons each have a charm of their own.

If the correct conditions are provided they are not difficult to keep but, unfortunately, some species have gained a bad name, such as the Mellers Chameleon.  This is often due to the quality of the animals after they have been smuggled into the country.  In other cases, the pet shops that sell the animal do not provide the correct information.

If you buy captive bred chameleons from a reliable source you will find that these wonderful creatures can be maintained for many years.

On this website you can learn about all the different aspects of chameleon care, from housing to UV lights, and water requirements to breeding insects to provide them with a varied diet.

Chameleon shooting prey
Chameleon shooting prey


There will soon be regular blogs about chameleon care. These will cover the basics, such as housing and lighting, and will include tips on breeding insects as food.

The SA originally stood for South Africa. After my move to Malaysia, it also stands for Shah Alam, the city nearest to where I now live. But don’t let the name worry you – chameleons have the same basic requirements regardless of your location.

More sections on general chameleon care will be added during the month of March.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.