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Fischer Chameleons

Kinyongia fischeri
Fischer chameleon
Juvenile female Fischer's chameleon

Here are some photographs of another first for South Africa - Fischer chameleons bred at our chameleon facility.  The female laid 10 eggs in January 2007, two were obviously bad.  These were laid in a flower pot with a root bound ficus - the female’s ability to burrow through almost impenetrable root mass was amazing.  The eggs were very small - around 9mm by 4mm.

            Incubation was done at 17c with a slight rise in the last month and in September 6 hatched.  Books commonly indicate that Fischer eggs are difficult to incubate successfully, so we are understandably proud of our achievement.  

            The chameleons are growing well but slowly - at four months they are roughly the size of four week old veiled!  Already the males’ nose ornaments are showing.  Unlike the adults it is the females that are green, whereas the males are often a muddy brown.

            Like all mountain chameleons these require cooler temperatures than panthers or veiled and a more humid environment.

            A fascinating species that deserves more interest.  Caresheets can be found on the web or details can be found in the book Exotic Chameleons in South Africa.

Kinyongia fischeri
Fischer chameleon
Juvenile male Fischer's chameleon

            Fischer chameleons come from East Africa and are represented by several different sub species and forms.  There are some sub species that have been elevated to species status but the whole group has been subject to a lot of taxonomic revision over the years, moving in and out of different genus as more information becomes available.  At one point they were placed with the dwarf chameleons, Bradypodium, found in South Africa.  Currently they sit in their own genus: Kinyongia.  But for how long?

Fischer chameleon
Juvenile male showing horns

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